International Commission for Secondary Education

(ICSE) - GCE A Level Examination

 The International Commission for Secondary Education (the ICSE)

 A Preparatory Faculty


The Regulations

About the International Commission for Secondary Education (the ICSE)

According to the order of the President of the IUFS from the 26th of March, 2007 the ICSE at the IUFS is established.

 The ICSE has the right to issue the International Certificate of High Education in the subjects referred to secondary education of the Russian Federation and the Oxford Educational System.

The ICSE after a special interview with candidates, having matriculation of High Education in Russia (11years), gives applicants an International Certificate of Secondary Education. On this basis, the International Certificate of Secondary School of Saint Augustine (Texas, the USA) provides applicants a Diploma of High Education in accordance with the Oxford Educational System.

Since the International Certificate and Diploma is higher than the school-leaving certificate, obtained in the Russian Federation, the ICSE has high requirements for applicants in terms of factual knowledge and understanding of a particular material, the orientation of the historical process, the method of obtaining possession of the desired results and their practical application.


The required documents for an Applicant are:

- An application to the chairman of the ICSE.

- IELTS ( 6 score and above)

- A copy of a certificate of high education in Russia, notarized and translated into English.

- A copy of a passport.

- Photo 4 pcs. (3 / 4)

A copy of a school-leaving certificate (notarized translation into English)

The ICSE is accredited by the Oxford Education Network, Cambridge Association Management.

A school student can receive a diploma in the following areas: Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dance, music, choreography and other sport areas.

The IUFS has a preparatory department, which provides training for international school programs (GCE A-Level/AS London Examination International), to target training to join the University of London. After graduating from the preparatory department an international certificate of secondary education and certificate of the International English Language Test System at the University of Cambridge (IELTS - International English Language Testing System) is given.

Each graduate will receive at the IUFS preparatory faculty an international certificate on selected subjects of High Education (IGCSE, A / ASD Level) and, of course, Russia's matriculation.

The IUFS introduces a new program for high school students (grades 10-11) who, during or after school, are trained by the International curriculum (IGCSE or GCE A / AS Levels). Classes are held on 2-3 subjects in English, which are counted when entering the University of London.

Program A - Level at the IUFS can be mastered externally for 1 year.


Members of the ICSE :

Chairman : Shanti P. Jayasekara,

Subjects :

Informatics, Computing Studies, Film Studies ( Direting) 

Physics, Mathematics

Russian language, Literature
International Relations
Biology, Zoology
Economics, Business Studies, Accounting
Economics, Management, History
English, Management)
Ballet and Choreography
Kovalenko Natalia : Psychology
Art & Design
Computing Studies, Informatics

IT Technology
Law, Jurisprudence
Philosophy, History
Arts & Psychology

Iternational Relations

Buddhism, Journalism, English language - IELTS

Theology, IELTS

Regulations of the ICSE

Preparatory Faculty

International Access to Higher Education Course

IUFS Preparatory Faculty Offers St Augustine High School Diploma and GCE A level Examination International - , AL and AS Levels / and Access Route - University of London.

These course have been specially designed for international students. They offer you a unique opportunity to:

improve your English

develop your study skills

increase your academic knowledge

qualify for entry to international university in UK or abroad.

ICSE - High School Diploma - GCE A Level subjects (UK/USA)

Art & Design 
Computing Studies 
English Language 
English Literature
History B 
Mathematics A 
Mathematics B 
Mathematics , Pure 
Ballet and Choreography



ICSE  Oxford Educational Network International - A Level Certificate

(International School Leaving Certificate)

Art & Design 
English Literature
Government & Politics 
Pure Mathematics


ICSE - Oxford Educational Network Examination International - Advanced Supplementary

English Literature 
Government & Politics 

Access Route - Universities (UK, USA, EUROPE)

If you would like to take one of the degrees detailed , but do not satisfy the necessary entrance requirements, the Access route might be the programme for you. If you successfully complete the Access route by passing two subjects, you will have satisfied the entrance requirements for the degrees and you may transfer to the degree of your choice as an External student.

02 - Introduction to Economics
06 - Introductory social and economic statistics
07 - Elements of statistics
09 - Human geography
10 - Introduction to sociology
11 - Introduction to international relations
12 - Mathematics for economics
34 - World history since 1917
74 - Quantative methods
80 - Introduction to politics
96 - Economic history in the 20th century.

University of London Registration : Once you have received an " Offer Letter" and registration form you will be able to register. To rregister you must complete and return the form, with initial registration fee, to the Cashiers' Office. These must be reach the University by 30 November in the year before you wish to sit your first examination.


When university ICSE receive your registration form and fee, the Examinations Office will send you confirmation of your registration and details of how to apply for examination entry forms. The despatch Office will also send you your study materials