Press release of The 10th Anniversary World Scientific Congress (WSC)

November 29, 2018


On the 29th of November in Saint Petersburg  The 10th Anniversary World Scientific Congress (WSC)

On the issue “Creative Spirit in Science” is going to take place.

The 10th Anniversary World Scientific Congress (WSC) is going to be both concluding and perspective. 

Previous congresses studied more topical issues of the modern science, positive and negative tendencies, offered and explained the real means of the way out from the academic crisis.

These are the topics of all the congresses: “The New Scientific Tendencies” (2009); “The Science in the Modern World” (2010); “Systematic Crisis and the Role of Science in its Struggle” (2011); “The Science is for the Human and the Humanity” (2012); “ The Fifth Anniversary World Scientific Congress: Results and Perspectives” (2013); “The Traditional and the New in the Modern Science” (2014); “Uniqueness in Science and Art” (2015); “The New in Science: the explained and unexplained” (2016); “The New Ideas in Science and its Practical Implementation”(2017).

Outstanding creative personalities took part in the congress, both from Russia and abroad. They make a lot of contribution to the science development. 

The 10th Anniversary World Scientific Congress (WSC) is a bright audiovisual demonstration of what has been done in the science by various creative people, namely outstanding scientific achievements and what is going to be made in the future.

Truly creative persons play a significant role in the various art directions and genuine innovative science.

Two negative tendencies appeared in the modern science because of the сrisis: science submission to its external direction and the effort to replace natural intelligence, distinctive for creative personalities, with the artificial one. Both tendencies are basically not perspective.  Creative personalities are capable of self-development and turning them into robots is doomed to failure. Creative personalities are inexhaustibly viable and independent. 

Art and science need creative personalities. At the same time creative personalities are absolutely different in art and science.

In art a creative personality makes a real world just like for the first time, both material and spiritual. In science creative personality reveals and explains the externally existing real world, both material and spiritual, and, in any way, advancing it. Art spiritually and really influences the human. Science can and should bring real benefit, both material and spiritual, social and individual. 

Material investments are necessary for science and its real existence and development. At the same time, not by only investments science is developed, but also by fundamental ideas, which are suggested and explained by genuine creative personalities. Money should serve for science, but not science for money. Scientific creativity should serve for the sake of humanity. For any new technology new fundamental are highly important, which are offered by creative personalities. Unfortunately, radically official science lacks it.

The main idea of all the congresses, including the last one, is the interaction of the various beginnings, both material and spiritual, which allows the congress to have a more inner realization for creative people taking part in the congress. 

The participants of  the 10th Anniversary World Scientific Congress (WSC) have a strong creative potential, which allows to advance and develop the world science, suggesting it the new and innovative ways. 

In the 10th Anniversary World Scientific Congress (WSC) representatives of science, culture, art and social activists from the Russian Federation, former Soviet Republics (Armenia, Belarus,  Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Estonia) and abroad (Australia, Austria, England, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Hungary, Gambia, Ghana, Germany, Egypt, India, Spain, Italy, Cameroon, China, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, New Zeeland, the USA, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri-Lanka and Guinea).

The greetings, reports and presentations will be made at the 10th Anniversary World Scientific Congress (WSC). The international diplomas, certificates, orders, medals will be presented. Published works will be prepared based on the materials.  


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