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Faculty of Computer Science

The faculty offers:  British , US and Russian educational Programmes, and awards Bachelors', Masters , Doctors  Degrees in Computer Science (IT Technology, Information Systems, Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering).

Department of Computer Engineering

The Faculty of Computer Science is an established center of excellence in all major areas of computer science, information systems and operational research. This faculty is joint collaboration research center with the St.Petersburg State Universities and Russian Research Institutes. It has international research centers in many areas.,( computer vision, visualization, safety critical software, hardware engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, .

Faculty offer trainings for University of London programmes, BTEC, BCS - British Computer Society for professional qualifications, HNC, and HND of Edexcel International London Examination Board. Both Information Systems and Computer Science degree programmes provided exemption from the examinations of the BCS and constitute a first step towards becoming a Charted Engineer. : Content, Degrees and Diplomas.

Department of Software Engineering


Introduction to Computer Science:
Algorithms and programming
Data structures
Applications programs
Discrete mathematics
Mathematical logic and theory of algorithms
Database systems
Object-Oriented programming
System programming
Real-time system programming
Knowledge-Based and expert systems
Computational mathematics
System theory
Optimization and operations research
Control theory
Artificial intelligence Approach to problem solving control
Adaptive systems
Information and control systems design and development:
System Analysis in problem solving in control
Technology of system modeling
Software Tools for information and control systems design
Computer aided design of control systems

The structure of the taught component is as follows:

Systems Engineering and Development

Object Oriented Programming with C++ and Java

Information Systems Engineering


Information Modeling

Advanced Database Theory and Practice

Business Systems

Business Information Systems

Virtual Working Environments

Multimedia Interfaces and Networking

Object Oriented Programming with C++ and Java

Data Visualization

Perceptual Systems

Advanced Computing and Multimedia Networks.

Research Degree Courses

Research Degree Courses (Ph.D. and D.Sc. and Grand PhD Honours) :

More research areas (Full List)

  • Computer Systems, software and management of computer complexes
  • Computers and Networks
  • Software for computers, Systems and Networks
  • Automated control systems
  • Post Graduate Programmes:
  • 1. Master of Science
  • 2. Doctor of Science
  • 3. PhD in Computer Science
  • 4. Grand PhD in Computer Science
  • 5. Kadidat nauk, Doktor nauk (Russian PhD Degrees)

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