8th World Scientific Congress - UNO - Geneva” 2017

                                                                                   Geneva, Switzerland

 The Ararat International Academy of Sciences  (AIAS), France and International Higher Academic  Council (IHAC) , International University of Fundamental (IUFS) studies; Russia, Belgian’s Royal Academy of Medicine  together with the  Objectif  Sciences International, Switzerland, has gladly organized the “8th World Scientific Congress” which is due to be held from  11th to 13th  December 2017 at the U.N.O. Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland.

 The congress is themed under, “Applied and Fundamental Sciences, Cultural Sciences, Arts, Cinematography and Peace in the World”andin the conditions of the systematic crisis in modern science, it is incredibly significant to have new ideas stimulating the science development. All the work of the Congress is penetrated by the idea of the material and spiritual interaction of the science and arts development.  Such interaction is beneficial and necessary for the development and improvement of science and cinema arts. It really makes them practically important and vitally significant for the humanity, every living creature, for the fostering of the mutual understanding and spiritual enrichment between the people in the whole world, and, in this way, strengthens the peace in the modern world.

 The objective of the congress is to find solutions for the societal expectations arisen due to rapid advances in Science and Technology as well as implementation research in the scientific study of methods to promote the systematic uptake of research findings and other evidence-based practices into routine practice, and, hence, to improve the quality and effectiveness of health services and care.

 The necessity of the appearance of the new ideas is now on the agenda. This VIII World Scientific Congress would make a tremendous - both material and spiritual contribution to the development of the globally significant process and noble laureates, eminent scientists, technology experts, research scientists from over 75 countries , cinema masters from different countries  and also students from over 50 universities internationally are due to participate.

 Prof. Agop Kerkiacharian, President of AIAS, will be chairing the congress as the President and Prof. Shanti P. Jayasekara, President  of  IHAC and Chancellor of IUFS university , Prof. Marc Van Hulle, Academician, Belgians Royal Academy of Medicine,  Prof. Thomas Egli  President- Objectif Sciences  International,  will be chairing the congress as Vice- presidents.  

  This makes history as the first ever Scientific Congress to be held at the UNO Headquarters with Representatives from World Top ranking Universities such as Howard, Oxford, Cambridge, Perth including Ten Thousand other prominent Universities and Academies who expect to highlight this occasion.

 Distinguished delegates from over 50 countries are to participate with world renowned Scientists presenting their dissertation reports along with their new technological inventions and the role of Science in future design, whilst others diplomats include Ambassadors , High Commissioners, Intellectuals, Representatives from Research and High ranking Universities ,the Director General of UNO and delegates from the UNESCO, Academicians and Professors from Universities representing Russia, USA, UK, Germany, France Italy, Iran, UAE, Finland,  India and many more and representing Sri Lanka are Cabinet Ministers along with Scientists and VIPs.

  Furthermore, being a world renowned scientist possessing invaluable medals and awards, Prof. Shanti P. Jayasekara is due to address the gathering on the topic, “Pros & Cons of Modern Technology and Science to Human”.

 Honorable Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, Minister of Health, Sri Lanka is due to grace the occasion as the Chief Guest, also with the participation of well recognized personality, Hon. Minister Gayantha  Karunathilaka, Minister of Lands and Parliamentary Reforms as the Guest of Honor will be addressing the audience submitting the respective project proposals  related to Sri Lanka.

 Moreover, under the leadership of Prof. J.S.K Jayasekara, many scientists, doctors representing various field,  and other high caliber personalities representing the parliament of Sri Lanka are due to grace the occasion.

 We also hereby invite the scientists and researchers interested in this program to participate in this golden opportunity, submit the respective dissertations also introduce new innovations and suggestions, thereby joining hands with us for a successful session.

  A cultural show mainly focused on Sri Lankan Folk Music and dance is due to be staged in the evening of the 13th day of December 2017, with the participation of many famous Sri Lankan artists to light up the event. The participants are due to be awarded an invaluable internationally recognized certificate appreciating their talents, by the rector of IUFS University, Prof. Shanti Jayasekara.

 At this juncture, we take this opportunity to invite one of your representatives from your esteemed University to be a part of this Historic event which is due to take a turning point in the field of education .

  Thus we kindly request you to forward us a Clear Color Passport copy of your Representative anticipating to participate with the below information to enable registration purposes and to assist on the rest of the procedures.


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  International Media Units from World over are expected do the coverage of the entire program of the Congress.

  Please do not hesitate to contact the Co-ordinator of the 8th World Scientific Congress and the head of Sri Lankan Delegation, Prof. J.S.K Jayasekara, the Vice-Chancellor of IUFS University, on or before the 30th of September 2017, if you wish to take part in this [email protected]

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